ISAN UK - International Standard Audiovisual Number

What is ISAN?

The ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number) is a voluntary numbering system for the identification of audiovisual works. It provides a unique, internationally recognised and permanent reference number.

ISANs can be assigned to all AV works including; TV productions, feature films, TV commercials, video games, music concert films and many other uses.

The structure of an ISAN has been designed by industry experts to meet the diverse needs of the entire AV supply chain.

ISAN Structure

The ISAN system is centrally administered by the International Agency ISAN-IA, which is located in Geneva. The central ISAN database holds detailed metadata relating to each AV work and different versions (such as edits, languages, media formats etc.) can be assigned a "V-ISAN" linked to the underlying AV work. ISAN & V-ISAN are ISO standards (ISO 15706-1 / 15706-2).

There are many benefits to using ISAN including;

ISAN UK offers services to enable ISAN registration and ISAN searching.

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ISAN & V-ISAN are ISO standards (ISO 15706 / 15706-2)